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Feel true JOY!

Do you feel “stuck” in your life?

Like you have “lost yourself” in motherhood and are tired of being everything for everyone but never taking time for yourself?

Are you struggling with a relationship crisis because of your spouse’s choices?

Or are you so worried about your teenage daughter or son that it keeps you up at night?

Basically, some days you just want to stay in bed, eat chocolate and ignore everyone else.

I get it. I have been there. I know how to help!

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Hali Roderick Coaching



When Life Doesn't Go As Planned

all you need are the right tools to succeed.



Understand who you really are and learn to recognize where those voices in your head come from.

Healthy Boundaries


Implementing healthy boundaries can create an environment where both you and the people you love can thrive.



Taking care of yourself helps you be able to help those you love.



Feel empowered to connect with yourself and show up authentically in your relationships

On The


Hali Roderick

Hi, I'm Hali - and I get it.

As a women who has struggled in her life, I know the feeling of wondering “what am I going to do now?” I know what it feels like to wonder “what did I do wrong?” and “how can I fix this?”

Like many of you, I have wondered, “I did everything right. We got married in the temple, we go to church each week–has it all been a lie? Is God testing me?”

I have felt those overwhelming feelings of loneliness, shame, overwhelm, helplessness, anger and such heartache I can’t even put it to words. 

Through a very specific system, I learned to overcome those feelings and FEEL EMPOWERED again! I learned how to put my marriage back together and find more joy than I ever thought possible. 

And so can you!!!

Believe. Discover.


It's time for you to BLOOM!

Have you ever felt like you were buried in the muddy waters of life?  

There is hope!  

In the same way the lotus flower pushes through the mud, rises above the cloudy water and emerges in full bloom, you can do the same!

The lotus flower represents personal strength and rebirth and offers hope that something beautiful can emerge from adversity.  

You too can bloom again!  

At times in this journey of life we must trust the unseen path that leads to the light! 

What My Clients Say…

"I met Hali just over a year ago when I was looking for a coach. With some hesitancy, I read through the bios of coaches and prayerfully sought a good fit for my situation. After talking with Hali, I was immediately at ease. Her genuine, calming presence made it easy to choose her as my coach. As we met, I was impressed by her ability to create a safe environment where individuals felt accepted and encouraged just as they were, yet left feeling inspired to act and grow. What a gift! Throughout the past year Hali has been a source of strength, giving extra support when needed and connecting me with other helpful resources. She’s truly been a blessing. Perhaps the highest compliment was recommending her as a coach for my daughter who has loved her every bit as much as I have. We both feel we have gained a life-long friend. Thank you, Hali! We love you!

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