The Lie: Isolate! Are you buying it?

Isolation: the big lie

3 Times When Isolating is Not in Your Best Interest

During this time of social isolation and quarantine it’s important to keep yourself safe from possible disease and physical harm by following the suggested guidelines.  But there is a time when isolating is not the best idea!  

Secrecy and isolation are two of the biggest tools of the adversary!  He loves it when we keep our struggles to ourselves and don’t seek support from those around us who might be able to help! 

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying you should stand at the pulpit and share your struggles with the whole congregation. Or get on Facebook and tell the whole virtual world about all the details of your life.   

What I am saying is that the Spirit can and will guide you to people who can help you.  He will often place someone in your path who has similar experiences and knows a lot about what you are experiencing.  

God will lead you to help and healing if you just start looking!

Here are 3 examples of when isolating is not in your best interest: 

When you are struggling with addiction

The Lie: Isolate! Are you buying it? 1

Talking about an addiction with those you love can be difficult.  Addiction thrives in secrecy and so of course, Satan wants to convince you to isolate!  Satan is the author of shame!  He loves to try and convince you that you are a terrible person or worthless for having an addiction.  

What are some common lies those in addiction might hear? 

  • “You are in way too far to ever fix this now!”
  • “People will never love and accept you if they REALLY knew the truth about you!”
  • “You are worthless!”
  • “You’ve tried so many times in the past to stop on your own, you are just going to have to live with this.”
  • “You don’t need help from anyone.  You can do this on your own.”

Satan is also the author of fear! Fear of what others might think of you if they knew the truth. Fear of losing a relationship if a spouse discovered the depths of the addiction.  So of course, he tries to convince you to isolate!  Don’t buy it!  There is help! There is hope and there is healing!  

When a loved one is struggling with addiction

The Lie: Isolate! Are you buying it? 3

Fear and shame are not limited to the person who is struggling with an addiction.  Satan also hits the spouse of an addict with ideas of shame! 

What are some common lies a spouse or parent might hear? 

  • “You have to keep up the facade for those around you.  Don’t let them know what is REALLY going on behind closed doors.” 
  • “What would they think of you?”  
  • “If only you were a better wife.” 
  • “It’s all your fault because you’re not a good enough mom!”  
  • “You don’t need help from anyone.  You can do this on your own.”

Lies!  Those are all lies!  Please reach out for support if you are a spouse or a parent supporting a loved one in addiction.  There is hope and there is healing! 

When life feels like a war zone!

The Lie: Isolate! Are you buying it? 5

Have you ever felt like there were continual “grenades” going off in your life around you? You just bandage your wounds from one blast and then you are hit with another? This is another time when isolation is not the best idea! 

What are some common lies you might hear during these times? 

  • “What would people think if they knew what was actually going on in your life?”
  • “You can’t trust anyone!  Keep everyone at arm’s length!”
  • “You don’t have time to get help!  You are in constant crisis mode around here!”
  • “You don’t need help from anyone else.  You can do this on your own.”

I was in the middle of this “war zone” in my own life and I had successfully isolated myself from pretty much everyone. One day God sent me a “medic” who helped me make sense of the chaos around me and learn to protect myself and provided healing tools.  I will be forever grateful for that angel! If you find yourself in a “war zone” in your life and would like someone to guide you as you seek resources for healing and growth, reach out!  There is hope and healing! God will guide you to just the right person(s) who can show you to the light! 

Don’t buy into the lie that you don’t need anyone.  You don’t have to do this on your own!

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