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Hali Roderick

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Are you a woman who feels “stuck” in your life?

You may have feelings of overwhelm and just don’t know what to do about it?

You may be struggling with recovering from betrayal trauma or another relationship crisis. Or, you may feel like you have “lost yourself” in motherhood and just can’t be everything for everyone.

You need time for yourself! 

If you need someone to help with accountability (you know, the happy, encouraging kind) and walk with you as you implement changes in your life and way of thinking, let’s talk!

You are ready to experience the power of coaching!

BEGIN by clicking the button below to schedule a time to meet for a free mini-session. We’ll discover what struggles you are experiencing, as well as the personal goals you’re hoping to achieve. Together we’ll go through a powerful process that will help you visualize the growth you can expect through my coaching program.

All coaching sessions are held in an online classroom.

Distance is not a roadblock to finding peace and joy along your journey!

Is coaching right for you?

 »  Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything out?

 »  Do you struggle with anger, depression, anxiety and fear, or challenging relationships?

Here's How Coaching Can help:

Help you BELIEVE
  • You can accomplish whatever you desire
  • In yourself and your abilities
  • That God has a plan for you
  • What’s holding you back
  • All the Possibilities and opportunities that are yours
  • Healing and growth
  • Balance in all areas of your life
  • Into the person you want to be
  • Your life to one full of joy and fulfillment
  • Your negative thoughts and beliefs into powerful Truths!
  • Your daily rituals to improve your health and wellbeing

Get in touch today and start living the life you want instead of letting life live you!


I had reached a difficult time in my life where I was struggling with inner strength. Life seemed to have knocked me down. I seemed to be lacking the ability to remember how to get back on track with my self-esteem, doubts, anxiety, and spirituality. When I connected with Hali, I knew this was something I needed. Hali helped me rediscover the tools that I long ago stopped using and information was presented in a way of truth and conviction…. It was my coach, Hali Roderick, who made these steps and tools real. Her responses and insight to my situations were guided by her knowledge, experience, and spirit. My journey is not completed. Coaching is for life, for happiness, for inner peace. Thank you.

Working with Hali was where I learned about my identity as a child of God. The first week she helped me connect to my divine purpose. It was a humbling moment when the Savior helped me recognize not only my divine purpose but, the value each of God's children has and will always have -no matter of what they have gone through or choices they have made. The guidance received through my coach, Hali was incredible. She has truly found a passion for coaching. I have no doubt that Heavenly Father placed her in my life at just the right moment where lots of changes were happening…. She helped me to grow in a way I still can’t comprehend. Hali and I have so much in common and she helped me to get me out of an unhealthy place of constant anger that I had been in for over 3 years. Heavenly Father and the Savior used her journey and her coaching to help me gain an eternal perspective and not to continue focusing on things that had previously happened in my life. The Lord does amazing things with imperfect individuals seeking a true and honest change. The best way to look back on my progression was through my journal entries and my letters to God. Looking back, I realize that my pleads involved patiently waiting on my Father in Heaven and His timing. No matter how long the wait is, He always delivers on his promises.

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